In Honor of the Holy Spirit: He is someone, not something

What it means to walk in the Spirit
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First, it shows the unity of the Trinity. Secondly, it captures something of the biblical way of speaking about the Spirit.

Though it is hard to understand and articulate, the Bible indicates there is a difference between the way the Son comes from the Father, eternally begotten, and the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son, eternal procession. Perhaps the reason for the difference is what Augustine suggested: There is no end to begetting, the son could beget another son, and so forth.

The day of Pentecost

The author based the contents of this book on his personal experience. His own life became a comprehensive model for learning about the power of the Holy Spirit and how He can work in the lives of individuals. In Honor of the Holy Spirit: He is someone, not something [Cash Luna] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The author based the contents of.

However since the Spirit is sent, not begotten, he completes the Trinity with three persons. In this way we see that God is not a static singularity only Father , nor is he a never-ending emanation of being just Father and Son.

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In addition to having a unique relationship with the Father and Son, the Holy Spirit has a unique role in the works of God. The Spirit does particular work that the Father and Son do not. The Spirit is the person who ensures that the plans of the Father, which are accomplished through the Son, are brought to fruition.

We see this unique role of the Spirit in the work of creation on the very first page of Scripture. God the Father created a universe by the power of his word.

In other words, it is chaotic, tumultuous, and covered in darkness. The story goes on to reveal that the Spirit of God is present, hovering over the primordial chaos. What happens next in the narrative is truly incredible, this chaos is steadily organized into realms of creation day and night, Heaven and earth, seas and dry land.

The Divine Person of the Holy Spirit

These realms are each given rulers the sun and moon, birds and fish, land creatures and humanity. What is the Spirit doing during all this?

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The Spirit presides over and finishes the work of creation. The Holy Spirit makes this happen. First, the Spirit caused the Virgin Mary to become pregnant, thus enabling the Son to become truly human Luke Second, the Bible teaches that the Spirit equipped and qualified Christ to do the work of Redemption. Acts In that rush of wind, in those tongues of flame, as the Holy Spirit came and filled the disciples, the church of the living God was born.

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Galatians The difference that the Holy Spirit makes in the lives of those He fills is immeasurable. He fills them with a power that is inconceivable to the human mind.

Spiritual growth definition

The same weak Peter, who only weeks earlier had denied Jesus three times out of cowardice and fear of the consequences, now stood and spoke so powerfully about the life and resurrection of Jesus to the masses of Jews who filled Jerusalem, that people became believers that day. Acts 2. The Holy Spirit gave Peter the boldness, the authority, the truth that he had never possessed until then. If that is what the Spirit can do in a person in a day, imagine the results in the life of a person who lives every day, week to week, month to month, year to year being obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit gives power beyond human capabilities.


Anyone can ask for and receive the Holy Spirit into their heart as their Helper and guide to the truth. God willingly gives to all who obey Him, who seek to be disciples of Jesus and follow Him on the way He opened through the flesh by the power of the Holy Spirit. Acts ; Hebrews But it is what you do through the Spirit once He dwells in you that changes your life. If you are not faithful to obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit in your heart, the Spirit can be quenched.

Who gets the Holy Spirit?

Romans ; 1 Thessalonians The role of the Holy Spirit is to show you the truth — the sin in your flesh that needs to be eradicated — and to give you the power you need to overcome that sin, which you cannot do in your own strength, no matter how hard you try. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.

All those who receive the Holy Spirit and live in obedience to Him are a part of the same church that was started on the day of Pentecost when the disciples stood and testified about Jesus.

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This obedience transforms your life. It is not written that the Holy Spirit will do it for you. It is written that you are to do it.

Romans It is not something magical that happens when you receive the Holy Spirit, but it is through sweat and tears and prayer and sufferings in the flesh that we battle the lusts and desires of the flesh. That is the way Jesus did it.

Luke ; Hebrews ; 1 Peter But what we find now is that which was impossible before — to keep from sinning, for example when it comes to lustful thoughts — is now possible because we have the help of the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit our own spirit has connection with God. Nothing would be possible without the Father first putting a desire for the good into our hearts and turning our hearts to Him, without Jesus having first come down to earth and opening up the way back to the Father, which had been closed since the first people sinned and were expelled from the garden of Eden.

Nothing would be possible without the Holy Spirit dwelling in us to guide us on the way. Romans But because all of this is a reality, even the sky is not the limit to what we can accomplish. The Holy Spirit leads us to freedom from sin, to divine nature, incorruptibility, power in our spirits, to becoming established in Christ and becoming brothers of and inheritors with Christ for eternity and beyond anything that we could possibly imagine.